Red 23 bio


Red 23 was formed in Taipei the summer of 2002 with the idea of creating a band of musicians who could play many instruments and sing, drawing upon the diverse musical influences of each member to create well-written, well-performed songs in English, Chinese and other languages.

Many of Red 23’s songs fit into the category of rock, and the band also creates music that combines elements of funk, blues, jazz, hard rock and other styles. Red 23’s goal is to create music in the different styles it enjoys and share that music with others.

Red 23 hopes that people will be able to enjoy their music for the music itself, and by creating songs in different languages, hopes to also make a deeper connection with listeners able to understand the lyrics in those languages.

The band has no lead singer, leader or designated songwriter per se. Instead, all members are free to contribute songs, collaborate on songs and sing.

Despite being labeled by some people as a “foreigner band” in Taiwan, Red 23 has always been a band that has included members from many different countries including Taiwan, the United States and Poland. Red 23’s focus has always been on the music, not on the nationality, race, gender, age, etc. of the musicians in Red 23.

Since the beginning, Red 23 has continued to play shows around the Taipei area while always developing new songs. In May 2003, they recorded a demo CD of 11 original songs. In January 2004, Red 23 entered the recording studio to begin recording a “real” CD. Producing it themselves, the CD features 4 original songs in English and 2 original songs in Chinese. The May 2004 release of this mini-album, titled Another Step Forward, coincides with the completion of their official website (

So, what’s the next step? Red 23 plans to keep playing bigger shows and festivals throughout 2004, getting their music out to as many people as possible first in Taiwan, and then the rest of the world.

–June 2004–