Band members


Red 23’s current lineup:
Eric Wallis: guitar/vocals
Owen Ni: guitar/keyboards/vocals
Slawek Kolodziej: drums
Matt Nicodemus: keyboards/guitar/vocals
Michael Ning: bass/vocals
Photos of Eric, Owen, Slawek, Matt, Michael, former members of Red 23 other musicians who have played with Red 23 can be found in the “live shows” section of our photo gallery
Musicians who have recorded and/or played live with Red 23 since the beginning (October 2002) through the present:

Brian Funshine (bass)
Blaire Ko (guitar, keyboards)
Slawek “Sam” Kolodziej (drums)
Cheng Jay Kuo (bass, vocals)
Chia-Yun Lee (drums)
Matt Nicodemus (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Owen Ni (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Michael Ning (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Hence Shih (guitar, bass)
Eric Wallis (guitar, vocals)
Katherine Wang (Vocals)