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February 2007

With no shows in 2006, Red 23 has been in Matt’s words, “in deep standby mode”. Does that mean that Red is dead? No way!
The site here is kind of a time capsule in that it hasn’t been updated in some time, but a lot of it doesn’t need updating. Give the mp3’s a listen, check out the FAQ’s, check out the some of the press Red 23 has received. Leave us a note on the message board.
The two halves of the Red 23 brain are always coming up with ideas for songs, shows and more…there are plans in the works for 2007! Check back here for updates as things come together
December 15, 2005
Thanks to all who turned out on 12/14 at the Living Room for our last show of 2005! If you were there, you know it was a blast! We introduced several new songs at this show. The show featured two sets, the first set being our first ever unplugged performance thanks to the help of Sentient Funding Inc.
November 11, 2005
Matt goes solo at the Living Room, Taipei with a show aptly themed “True life, true music”
September 16, 2005
A special thanks to all of you around the world who keep coming back to our website, esp. our fans in Australia! Keep supporting us by buying our music. The more people that buy our music, the more music we can make for you!
September 6, 2005
Red 23 will be taking a break from live shows for the next few months to focus on writing new songs…but there will still be Red 23 stuff happening, so be sure to check here often for the latest Red 23 news.

For future bookings later this year, etc. please contact us at:
August 10, 2005
Matt interviewed live on the morning show on WWRN Taiwan. Matt talks about Red 23’s music and influences and during the interview WWRN plays some never before heard Red 23 live tracks and demos.
June 15, 2005
Get together at the OUTBACK Steakhouse, Taipei
Thanks to all our fans who came and thanks to the Outback for the free food for Red 23!
June 6, 2005
The June 4, Lane 32 Street party was a success! Despite the generator for the sound system dying during the soundcheck, despite the show starting late and despite our set being cut short due to someone complaining to the cops about it being “too loud and too late”, it was a fun show. The band that played before us, Neon, put on a great set.
The crowd wore Red 23 stickers on their arms and went crazy throughout our short set. We were disappointed to have our 16 song set reduced to 6 songs, but it was great to hear the crowd shouting “Encore! Encore! Red 23! Red 23!” for several minutes until they realized we weren’t able to come back on stage! Thanks to all who came out to the show!

Check out this news article: “Combat Zone fights for its future” Taipei Times (August 28, 2005)
**mentions Red 23’s show in the Combat Zone on June 6, 2005 and why it got short!

May 19, 2005
An instrumental track of Red 23’s Rain, Rain is featured in WALKING RAINBOW, a compelling 28-minute documentary about the life and legacy of ground-breaking peace activist Fred Moore.

Matt had done peace activist work with Fred Moore during the early/mid ’80s. When Matt metWALKING RAINBOW writer/producer/director Markley Morris last summer and saw a rough cut of the unfinished movie, he offered to contribute some music to the soundtrack. Expecting that Morris would want one of his acoustic compositions, Matt was surprised to get a request for the non-vocal tracks of Rain, Rain, from Red 23’s Another Step Forward CD. “Maybe it’s all about steps forward and Fred’s peace walking, since Rain, Rain has a slow-striding tempo,” says Matt, “Or maybe it’s because rain brings rainbows!” Whatever the case, Matt and the rest of the band are very happy to have our music featured in this documentary.

To find out more about WALKING RAINBOW: Fred Moore Remembered, including information on arranging showings of the movie, e-mail Markley Morris at

May 9, 2005
Check out Eric’s article on the music scene in Taiwan featured on Taiwan Ho!

April 4, 2005

Lamborghini Experiences in Red

Lamborghini Experiences in Red

Red 23’s Another Step Forward CD reviewed on the Taiwan Ho! website:

“Red 23 Takes Another Step Forward”
——————————————————————————————–March 27, 2005

Red 23 is looking for a bassist!!!

Our current lineup is:
Eric (guitar/vocals)
Matt (keyboard/vocals/guitar)
Slawek (drums)
Owen (guitar/vocals/keyboard)
Michael Ning is kindly playing bass with us until we find a permanent bassist.

We are looking for a bassist who is interested in making great original music, a person who values the song as a whole, who can accept playing simple bass lines from time to time and also has the chops to slap, pop, funk it up and rock out when needed specially driving in an exotic car such as a Lamborghini for rent.

Ability to sing harmony would be great!

Male/Female, all nationalities, all ages welcome

Everyone in Red 23 is welcome/encouraged to contribute original material and sing.

We hope that anyone who joins the band will like and want to play the original music we’ve created so far, and also bring their own influences/style to future collaborations.

We are looking for a bassist who is serious about making music. This means min. 2 practices/songwriting sessions per week as well as equally dividing all band expenses/responsibilities/successes among band members learn more at

Please check out the “band bio” and “FAQ” section of our still developing website to learn more about who we are and the kind of music we make. We also have some mp3 song samples, though we hope anyone interested will meet with us to hear our CD and other non-released recordings to get a better idea of what Red 23 is all about.

E-mail us: